Welcome the Kalo WaterKooler

Welcome the Kalo WaterKooler

A new destination for freelancers and remote workers of all types. Insights, inspiration, and tips to help you succeed in your freelance lifestyle.

Ron Toledo

Aug 7

Welcome to WaterKooler 2

We're excited to kick off a brand new destination for freelancer and remote workers of all types, we're calling the WaterKooler.

Why WaterKooler

We know you're out there, in coffee shops, libraries, co-working spaces, living rooms and lofts. The freelancer community continues to grow with 35 percent of the U.S. workforce Freelancing — 57 million people now freelancing.  Although the work you do and where yo do it might differ - the shared experience doesn't. You're out there on an island searching for ways to do your job better, develop new skills, be more productive and grow your personal brand.

As the creators of Kalo, the leading freelance management platform we wanted to create a new blog dedicated to providing resources, inspiration and insights to help you the freelancer, be the best you can be. Our company was founded by a team who've spent time ourselves freelancing , consulting and remote working, so we're well aware of the challenges that come from working untethered from the traditional work environments and structures. The actual product and company came about from the struggles and frustrations ourCEO encountered when trying to work with freelancers within a big company.


Where does the name come from?


It's a play on the (increasingly antiquated and rapidly fading) archetype of a water cooler serving as an unofficial hub of the office environment. In many offices the water cooler was a place to get up out of your chair, stretch your legs, take a break, and socialize with co-workers - an action and a ritual all in one, unique to your working environment. Since freelancers don't often have this shared work environment or experience we thought a virtual watercooler was a visual that made sense for the spirit of our new blog.

How to stay connected and get involved?

Be sure to connect with us on social media [Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn] and to subscribe to our WaterKooler Newsletter with a curated selection of published content from Kalo and beyond, including the latest happenings in the freelancer world.

In addition, if you'd like to contribute a guest piece of content or be an upcoming featured freelancer profile. Fill out the form here and get in touch.



About the Contributor

Ron Toledo currently leads Kalo's marketing team. Prior to joining as the head of marketing he was a freelancer helping early stage startups understand how to build their go-to-market strategies and take their first steps in marketing.