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Freelancer WaterKooler Digest V1

Handpicked articles to live your best freelance life.

Ron Toledo

Mar 27


We know freelance, independent and remote comes with its own set of unique challenges. To help you succeed professionally and thrive personally in this lifestyle we curated a digest of must read articles, including inspiration, tips, and more.



Freelance Life:
Inspiration, tips, and resources to succeed

A Freelancer's Guide to Taxes - Kalo WaterKooler

The essential things to think about when preparing your taxes this year and tips to guide you along the way.

5 Tax Deductions Every Photographer Should Claim - Bunker
Our friends at Bunker put together a great resource for photographers navigating tax deductions this year.

4 Essential Mental Health Tips For Freelance And Remote Workers - Forbes
Although freelancing often promotes a better work/life balance, Stress and on-the-job burnouts can still affect the independent worker. Here are some tips that can help.

"Being your own boss means that you will be answering to the toughest person in the world — yourself. "


How to Schedule Your Day When You Freelance or Work From Home - Lifehacker
This full-time freelancer shares her best scheduling tips she's honed over 7 years freelancing. 

7 Tips To Building A Home Office You’ll Actually Love-EssenceAre you thinking about designing or refreshing your office space? This article gives some great advice to upgrading your workspace.

Nine ways to avoid common freelance nightmares - Talented Ladies Club
For new freelancers this article identifies and offers ways you can avoid common freelance nightmares.


Freelance News:
The latest industry news impacting the freelance worker

It's Way Past Time to Get Over These 3 Stereotypes About Freelance Workers - Entrepreneur
A look at the misconceptions associated with freelancing and how to overcome them. 

Remote Workers Are Outperforming Office Workers--Here's Why - Forbes
Research is showing that remote workers outperform office workers when it comes to productivity. 

Why remote work isn’t going away anytime soon - FastCompany
Learn why this author thinks the future of work is remote, and why so many companies around the world are rushing to let their employees work from wherever works best for them.

The Top Reasons Workers Choose to Freelance - The Motley Fool

This article looks deeper into the reasons why  self-employment and the freelance lifestyle  is on the rise. 

This New Program Aims To Train The Growing Freelance Workforce - NPR
New York City is testing a new model of workforce training for the future. Freelancers Hub offers classes, shared office space, community and more  - specifically for freelancers.


Kalo Featured Content: 
Resources from Kalo

Freelancer Spotlight: Madison Hanna, Brand Strategist & Copywriter 
We regularly spotlight the best and brightest in the independent workforce. Our latest profile features Madison Hanna a freelance brand strategist and copywriter. Read about how she left her corporate career behind to embark on an “adult gap year” that led her to a freelance career.

"I’ve cultivated the confidence and skills of a corporate environment, but now have the freedom to propel my career forward on my own terms. Through freelancing, I’ve become a bold yet humble professional. Anything feels possible!"

Kalo Best 2018: 50 best companies for freelancers list

See where your favorite companies ranked on this year's list. The Kalo Best recognizes the best companies to freelance for in the U.S., as voted by freelancers. 

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