Freelance Economy News Roundup V3
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17 April 2019 / Freelance Economy

Freelance Economy News Roundup V3

Our third edition of the Freelance Economy News Roundup series features articles exploring topics ranging from:  Why freelancing is the new American Dream , the body language of remote workers, Google's shift on contract work  and more. 


Freelancer News

Google Just Predicted The Future Of The Gig Economy - Forbes
What does Google's recent decision to require their staffing partners to pay contract workers a minimum wage of $15 per hour and provide health benefits mean for the larger industry? What does this decision signal? Explore what this means to the future of the gig economy.

One of the most influential brands in the world is catching up by recognizing the validity & equality of contract work


This New Program Aims To Train The Growing Freelance Workforce - NPR
New York City is testing a new model of workforce training for the future. Freelancers Hub offers classes, shared office space, community and more - specifically for freelancers. 

Freelance Nation? The New American Dream - TD Ameritrade
According to a recent survey by TD Ameritrade, the new American dream is the ability to be your own boss, with the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want. Additional findings include Eighty-four percent of full-time freelancers report being happy with work, while 77 percent of traditional workers report the same.



Remote and Distributed Work

Remote Workers Are Outperforming Office Workers--Here's Why - Inc 
Research is showing that remote workers outperform office workers when it comes to productivity. The three reasons come down to productivity, presence and teamwork, learn why.

Why remote work isn’t going away anytime soon - FastCompany
Learn why this author thinks the future of work is remote, and why so many companies around the world are rushing to let their employees work from wherever works best for them.

Cracking The Code On Leading Remote Workers To Thrive - Forbes
When it comes to leading remote teams, the formula isn't always set in stone. This article looks into five strategies for leveraging the superpowers and mitigating the risks of remote teams.

In a two-year study by a Stanford professor comparing work-from-home employees versus their counterparts at the company's headquarters (HQ), remote workers enjoyed greater productivity, exhibited lower rates of attrition, took fewer sick days and even saved their company $2,000 per year in office costs


Google asked 5,600 employees about remote work. This is what they learned - Fast Company 
Google conducted a two-year study involving data from 5,600 employees across the U.S., Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa  to lean more about how to make the most out of distributed teams.


Freelancer Management

Companies often mislabel employees as “freelancers” to cut costs. Workers are fighting back. -Vox
Explore the differences between freelancer, independent contractor, and employee, and what impact misclassification can have on both the company and worker.

What to consider when choosing a Freelance Management System - Kalo Blog
Wondering if a Freelance Management System is right for your business? Check out this Kalo Buyers Guide on the ins and outs of choosing a FMS.

How freelancers are fighting for their pay - Financial Times
Learn how some freelancers are fighting for their pay using existing laws to recoup lost payments. Read more about how recent laws in New York and London have spurned a groundswell of support around these issues.  

Freelance Executives: A Growing Part Of The Freelance Revolution - Forbes
This article looks at  freelancer executive growth and why it is a trend that is gaining momentum. In addition learn what qualities are make or break for a successful freelance executive.


Kalo News and Content

Kalo Best 2018: 50 best companies for freelancers list
See where your favorite companies ranked on this year's list. The Kalo Best recognizes the best companies to freelance for in the U.S., as voted by freelancers.

What Freelancers Really Think About Freelancing
Ever wonder what freelancers really think about freelancing? We asked and they told us. Explore the insights and trends in freelancing we gained from our annual survey.

52%  reported feeling stressed and anxious as a result of payment issues.


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