Freelance Economy News Roundup V2
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19 October 2018 / Freelance Economy

Freelance Economy News Roundup V2

Our second installment of the Freelance Economy News Roundup series includes articles exploring topics ranging from:  the rise of the six-figure freelancer, guilds and labor unions for freelancers, the body language of remote workers, the future of blockchain payments and more.

Freelancer News

The Number of Six-Figure Freelancers Rose 70% in Seven Years - Forbes
The number of free agents earning $100,000 or more has grown by about 70%, from 1.95 million in 2011 to 3.3 million in 2018, according to new research. This article explores how a strong job market is fueling the growth of high earning independent workers.

Freelancers of the World, Unite in Despair!- The New York Times
This opinion piece take a comedic slant to shed light on the challenges of the freelance economy and the realities of being a freelancer today. "
Our health plan is: Don’t get sick."

The 10 fastest-growing online freelance jobs of Q3 2018 - Tech Republic
A recent report by tracked the the top 50 fastest growing and declining job categories within its online marketplace and found developers, social media experts, and creatives as the most in demand jobs.

3 Top Tips to Help You, as a Freelancer, Establish Long-Term Relationships With Clients - Entrepreneur
As more companies large and small choose freelancers over full-time employees here's 3 tips freelancers can follow to build an ongoing and successful business relationship with clients.

The Gigs & Side Hustles Economy: A Market Analysis with Future Forecasts (2016-2022) -
This report from research and markets examines the gig economy landscape and examines the evolution of gig work and the companies utilizing this workforce.

Going It Solo: The Complicated Financial Lives Of Freelancers - NPR
NPR used the individual stories of actual freelancers to illustrate the larger challenges and increasingly complicated financial lives of independent workers.

"No one really explains to you taxes and contracts and how to chase a client for that bill that they owe you —"

The Financial Future Of Your Freelance Work, With New Technologies Such As Blockchain - Forbes
This article looks at the ways utilizing blockchain technology can help the future of work reach its potential and improve the shortcomings of the current platforms and marketplaces.

10 highest-paying gig economy jobs: How to become a six-figure-earning freelancer - USA Today
The more specialized you are, the more premium you're going to command. Some of the highest paying jobs are in artificial intelligence, blockchain architecture, and instagram marketing.


Remote and Distributed Work

Does Working From Home Actually Work? - Entrepreneur
A Stanford professor and his team set out to answer this question and discovered that remote workers reported improved work satisfaction, experienced less turnover and took fewer breaks and sick days. 

For remote workers, virtual body language really matters - Quartz
This article looks at  at how virtual body language is especially important with remote workers. Learning how to read virtual body language can help managers better engage with their remote employees

These Personality Traits Help People Who Work From Home, New Research Says - Bustle
A Baylor University study looked at over 400 adults who work remotely and found those  who flourish score high on both autonomy and emotional stability. 


 Freelancer Management

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Freelancer - The Motley Fool
If you've ever struggled with finding the right freelancer for the job this article gives you 4 questions to ask during the interview process such as  - How will you keep me updated?

15 Important Trends In Freelancing: Why This Matters Now -Forbes
An HR leader broke down the list of the top 15 trends in the freelance revolution, including the rise of freelance management systems such as Kalo.

"Startups are offering companies freelance management systems to efficiently manage their freelance work and workers."

Why references matter in the gig economy - The Globe and Mail
For both the employer and freelancer work history is an essential and often missing piece of the gig economy. This article explores how reference checking can be done more efficiently to improve long term relationships on both sides.


Kalo News

Why these companies are the best for freelancers - and four lessons employers can learn from them -
We shared four simple rules your company can follow to be freelancer-friendly.

Companies that make an effort to recognise freelancers for their contributions, thank them for their work, and provide constructive feedback come out on top.

Top 50 Companies For Freelancers: Why This Is A Big Deal - Forbes 
The Kalo Best list from last year was the basis for an article by an HR thought leader. He comments on our list and offers some ways to improve it moving forward.

What is a borderless company and what are its benefits? - Innovation Enterprise
Our latest contributed piece explores why borderless companies must do more than pluck the best talent from around the globe, they have to ensure they have the structure in place to succeed.


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