[Contributed Article] Treat Your Freelancers Like Rock Stars: Not Barnacles
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12 March 2019 / Freelance Economy

[Contributed Article] Treat Your Freelancers Like Rock Stars: Not Barnacles

With so many people eschewing full-time employment for freelance flexibility, it’s time for companies to rethink how they engage with team members. For decades, the pecking order of full-time employees ranged from executives at the top to interns at the bottom. As contractors and freelancers became more common in the workforce, business leaders considered them equal to or below interns. This viewpoint has created a classist system of mistreating freelancers and undervaluing their importance..

As the workforce continues to evolve, this outdated stance will cause companies to miss out on high-quality talent. Newer enterprises are engaging talent regardless of employment status, boundaries, or borders, giving them a distinct competitive advantage. Companies should tailor how they communicate with staff members — whether they’re full-time, freelance, or otherwise — based on the value they provide instead of the roles they fill.

Reimagine the Pecking Order

If you’re going to transform the way your company operates to meet the needs of modern workers, start by rethinking how you communicate with freelancers. Many companies allow different departments to handle freelancers however they see fit, with communications varying based on the particulars of each situation — this lack of consistency is problematic.

In many ways, companies treat freelancers as afterthoughts. To change how your company connects and communicates with freelancers, use these 3 steps:

  1. Change the narrative around freelancers. Your current language about freelancers probably is something along the lines of how they take on the duties your full-time team doesn’t have time to handle. It’s time to flip that on its head. Talk about how you have hired these workers for their skills instead of as one-off employees who are just doing the dirty work.
  2. ....

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Treat Your Freelancers Like Rock Stars: Not Barnacles - CEOWORLD Magazine
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