[Contributed Article] How Freelance Innovation Could Lead to More Diverse Businesses
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3 January 2019 / Freelance Economy

[Contributed Article] How Freelance Innovation Could Lead to More Diverse Businesses

Employers needn't worry about current record-low unemployment numbers. After all, the rising tide of the freelance economy has deepened the talent pool immensely. A growing swell of top talent is ready to offer its skills to your organization. And with that expertise will come a much-discussed commodity: diversity.

By embracing innovative technology and freelance practices, such as remote working, companies can better remove the biases and geographic constraints around hiring.

The Gig Economy as a Corporate Diversity Booster

The macro trend that enables this new level of diversity is the workplace's shift from purely full-time workers to outsourcing projects and tasks of all sizes to freelancers. This evolution to measuring productivity more quantitatively (i.e., through projects and tasks) allows organizations to hire freelancers on the sole basis of their abilities to carry out projects.

Technology has helped facilitate inclusivity, allowing companies to judge people on ability, without factoring in convenience. Companies can source their own professional networks for this diverse talent, and also tap job boards, message boards and other global platforms to find their ideal hires.

Because freelancers come from all backgrounds and are hired on a project-by-project basis, they generally aren't hired on the basis of appearance, gender, age or other common sources of unconscious biases. They're judged first and foremost on the ideas and experiences they bring to the table and, in turn, assessed on how much value they can provide to a project and a company. While freelance workforces help restrict the chances of unconsciously biased hiring, they can also widen the scope employers use to bring the best and brightest onto new projects. For so long, companies have existed only as far as their geographic boundaries have allowed them. Freelance workforces promote borderless companies whose ability, physical space and employee demographics have no limits. 

How Freelance Innovation Could Lead to More Diverse Businesses - AmericanExpress.com

Read the rest of the article at AmericanExpress.com to learn how to setup a diverse remote workforce by following these 3 rules.  

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