The Rise of the Freelance Management Platform

From the gig economy, to marketplaces and beyond, learn how freelancers are giving rise to a whole new type of workforce platform.

Freelance Economy

Freelance Economy News Roundup V1

We've curated and compiled a selection of the most interesting news and articles about the freelance economy. Stay up to date on the trends and headlines about the future of work.

How to Build a Freelancer Friendly Company

Learn how the freelancer workforce is growing and why your company can benefit from a great reputation with this important community.

What the California Court’s Freelancer Classification Ruling Means for Businesses

For companies that work with blended workforces, including independent contractors and freelancers, compliance and classification is an issue they need to look closely at given the California ruling.

freelancer management

Build Long Term Freelancer Trust with a Great Onboarding Process

Learn how to build a great onboarding process to improve your productivity and build a positive relationship with freelancers.

freelance management

Why It’s Important to Pay Freelancers On-Time (and How to Do It).

The thing freelancer's care most about is often the thing companies do the worst. Learn how to pay freelancer's faster.


Kalo 50 Best Companies for Freelancers Awards

The Kalo 50 Best awards recognize the best companies to freelance for in the U.S.

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