Five common traps to avoid when freelancing

More people are freelancing today than ever before. Thanks to the power of the internet to connect people around the world and enable easy communication and collaboration, freelancers have become a strong and

How Freelance Management Software Limits Your Risk with Freelancers

Freelancers offer a ton of benefits to companies. To start, they are cheaper than full-time staff (considering benefits can add up to around 1.35 times base salary), and they enable companies to

How Freelancer Management Software Helps You Get the Most out of Freelancers

How Freelancer Management Software Helps You Get the Most out of Freelancers

Full time or freelance? What should your future workforce look like? (tips for companies)

In the 2016 Global Human Capital Trends Report, put out by Deloitte, 42 percent of the executives surveyed said they expected to increase or significantly increase the use of contingent workers in the

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What is a Freelance Management System?

A Freelance Management System (FMS) helps businesses manage their freelance workforce. See if you need one now

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Why Treating Your Freelancers Right Matters

Freelancers have emerged into a force to be reckoned with. More than 53 million Americans — representing 34 percent of the U.S. workforce — are working as freelancers and their numbers are growing. Businesses

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Five Must-Have Features for a Freelancer Management System

Freelancers are quickly becoming the oil that keeps the economy running. Across a wide range of industries, professions, and roles, businesses are expanding the ranks of their freelance army to fulfill their talent

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How Do You Know If Your Freelancer Is Actually A Freelancer?

On one level, hiring freelancers is all about ease and convenience. A team has a need, finds a freelancer to fulfill that need, and boom. Job complete. If only it were really that

5 golden rules for publishers managing freelancers

How much do you know about your freelancers? Most of us are so busy managing our permanent staff that we just don’t have the time to do the same with our freelancers.

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Will Your Freelancers Save The Day - Or Sink The Ship?

Freelancers can be seriously great for any company. If they’re good, they’ll come in, produce awesome work, cost less than an in-house employee, and leave your company better off than it

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