Building vs Buying a Freelance Management System: What to Consider.

In this detailed guide, explore the benefits and drawbacks of building a Freelance Management System versus buying one

freelancer management

4 Things Your Company Must Do To Keep Freelancers Happy

Discover the ‘secrets’ to keeping your freelance workforce happy by focusing on these 4 areas.

Freelance Economy

Freelance Economy News Roundup V3

This is the second installment of the Kalo Freelance Economy News Roundup. We've curated and compiled a selection of the most interesting news and articles about the freelance economy. Stay up to date on the trends and headlines about the future of work.

freelancer management

What Freelancers Really Think About Freelancing

Explore key finding and lessons learned about the freelance lifestyle from our annual Kalo best list and survey.

freelancer management

What to consider when choosing a Freelance Management System

Wondering if a Freelance Management System is right for your business? Check out this Kalo Buyers Guide on the ins and outs of choosing a FMS.

Freelance Economy

[Contributed Article]Tech That Can Make The Freelance Economy Sustainable

Learn how tech can be used to scale the freelance economy through the use of platforms and services that automate hiring and retention.

Freelance Economy

[Contributed Article] Treat Your Freelancers Like Rock Stars: Not Barnacles

Create better policies and communications around working with freelancers to help foster a better, more cohesive workforce.

Freelance Economy

Announcing the 2018 Kalo Best Companies for Freelancers List

The 2018 Kalo Best list ranks the best companies to freelance for, as voted by freelancers.

Freelance Economy

[Contributed Article] 3 Ways To Embrace The Differences Between Freelancers And Gig Workers

If you're a company having trouble distinguishing between #freelancers and gigworkers, try asking these 3 questions.

Freelance Economy

[Contributed Article] How Freelance Innovation Could Lead to More Diverse Businesses

By opening up your hiring pool to freelance workers, you could help your company become more inclusive.

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