Should You Be Hiring Freelance or Full-Time?

The New Year is a great time to reassess every part of your life. And while I’m sure you’re definitely going to start going to the gym five times a week and finally give up chocolate this year, I have a suggestion for a New Year’s change that might actually stick. You’re probably already working on your 2017 budget, so why not consider allocating some of that budget to freelancers?

If you’re new to working with freelancers — or your business is just getting to the point where hiring out is even an option — you might feel a little freaked out about the idea of letting someone who’s not in your business work on your business.

That’s totally reasonable! Most entrepreneurs like to have a firm grip on things — it’s how you’ve gotten where you are today. But hiring freelancers instead of full- or part-time employees can be a great way to streamline your business, save some money (and a lot of paperwork), and get great work done quickly.

The best way to gauge whether you need an in-house employee or a freelancer is by determining exactly what you need done. Is it a job that will take a set amount of time and then be done? Or is it something that’s going to take regular work, every day? If it’s the former, hire a freelancer. If it’s the latter, you should probably consider hiring an in-house employee.These jobs are where you’ll find more freelancers than you could even imagine, so if you’re thinking of tackling any projects under these five categories in 2017, it’s time to jump feet-first into the freelancer pool.


If your company needs copywriting done on, say, your website or a brochure or basically anything else that requires the written word but isn’t a company that uses a lot of text regularly, hiring a freelance copywriter is a much better bet than hiring someone full- or part-time. Great freelance copywriters are in high demand, so start by asking your friends and colleagues if they’ve worked with anyone great. The writer network is real, my friends, and you’ll definitely be able to find someone.


A lot of companies try to have someone who isn’t a professional writer but works in-house do the company blog. Bad idea! It almost always gets pushed to the back burner or, frankly, is written so badly that no one wants to read it. Blogging is a great place to hire a freelancer because you can get consistent work from someone who is dedicated to writing and writing only. Don’t assume Bob from Accounting can also write. Trust me.


Unless your company is a stock photography company, you probably don’t need an in-house photographer. However, just like with blogging, you also shouldn’t let an amateur snap what should be professional pics with their iPhone. Hire a freelance photographer for everything from professional shots of your team to product photos. You won’t regret it.

Web Design

Sure, there are a million different companies out there that offer “easy” and “beautiful” design for non-designers. But the truth is, a truly great website needs a great designer. And you’re just not going to do it yourself. However, unless your company is totally web-based, you probably don’t need a full-time designer on your staff. A great freelance designer who comes with good recommendations and a solid profile should do the job.

Web Development

Web development is another area where you really need to have an expert, but you might not really need someone full- or even part-time. Hiring a freelance web developer is a great way to not only get a project completed, but also have a trial run if you’re considering hiring someone in-house: It gives you a chance see how good their work is and if they get along well with your team before taking them on.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a trend toward more and more people freelancing — which logically means that more and more companies are hiring freelancers. Will 2017 be the year you get in on it?

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