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Kalo 50 Best Companies for Freelancers Awards

The Kalo 50 Best awards recognize the best companies to freelance for in the U.S.


Why We Made The 50 Best Companies For Freelancers Awards

We surveyed freelancers across the country to find out who the best companies to freelance for are. The Kalo Best ranks the 50 best companies to freelance for.

Freelancer Stories: How To Become A Better Freelancer

Being a successful freelancer is a skillset in its own right. You not only need a professional skill—writing, photography, graphic design, web development—but also a set of skills and characteristics that

Freelancer Tips

How To Achieve Work-Life Balance When Freelancing

One of the greatest draws of freelancing is the freedom and flexibility that the lifestyle offers. Most freelancers can work from home, if they choose, and set their own hours (within reason). Want

freelance management

What are the differences between a Freelancer Management Platform and a Freelancer Marketplace?

As the freelance economy started to take off, a crop of online tools emerged to help employers find freelancers (and vice versa) and manage them. The number of U.S. freelancers surpassed 55

Five common traps to avoid when freelancing

More people are freelancing today than ever before. Thanks to the power of the internet to connect people around the world and enable easy communication and collaboration, freelancers have become a strong and

How Freelance Management Software Limits Your Risk with Freelancers

Freelancers offer a ton of benefits to companies. To start, they are cheaper than full-time staff (considering benefits can add up to around 1.35 times base salary), and they enable companies to

How Freelancer Management Software Helps You Get the Most out of Freelancers

How Freelancer Management Software Helps You Get the Most out of Freelancers

Full time or freelance? What should your future workforce look like? (tips for companies)

In the 2016 Global Human Capital Trends Report, put out by Deloitte, 42 percent of the executives surveyed said they expected to increase or significantly increase the use of contingent workers in the

freelance management

What is a Freelance Management System?

A Freelance Management System (FMS) helps businesses manage their freelance workforce. See if you need one now

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